Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kate Modern-isms.

Wassup Y'all. Ey I've noticed there are some words in the Kate Modern series that don't appear in the LG15 series...many people have wondered the definitions of what exactly these words mean. Lemme explain em to ya....

*Chah-lee: Dark Australian girl with tasty fish taco

*Stave: Big wussy man who likes cults

*So-fay: Blonde English girl with smelly fish taco

*Kate muddun: A show based in a fantasy world about people hunting down and killing English people.

*Trait pusitive: a trait in girls that makes their fish tacos taste like Kentucky Fried Chicken. mmmmm-MMM!!

*bah-stud: Somebody that English people don't like.

*wankah- Jonpro

*suft waaa- Shit that you can download off the internet to let you get more porn.

The o-dah: People who kill English people that can't speak the language correctly.

wutcha: bald headed muthafuckers that look for English people who can't speak the language correctly. And they spy on them, as well.

lay: a fag who cross dresses, flails around, and takes it up the ass from Renegade.

pah tay: A gathering where English people get drunk off their ass. the girls give it up to xwestsidex, and the guys open their ass cheeks on this occasion hoping that one day one of them will get poked and prodded by Xwestsidex, but every time they think that it has finally happened, it turns out it was just Jeffery Marsh trying to get some.

oo heh! uu heh! Booooleehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!: The sound an English girl makes after she has drank too much.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The 80's prom.

LMAO!! the lonelyfucks are holding their own prom..This wasn't the creators ideas either, it seemed like it was another reason for the people who were too ugly or socially inept to get a date to go to prom to get a "second chance."
Want me to tell you about my prom? I went with one of the head cheerleaders (Ive got a picture to prove it, too. Unfortunately I dont have a scanner, but I'll do my best to get you one at request) And on our way back home there was this car next to our limo, and these two dudes were driving it..and this girl popped out of the backseat and through the sunroof TOPLESS! And me, my homies, and their dates were like "DAAAAAAAAAMMMNNN!!" True story!


Apparently somebody is going to die at this prom. I personally think the order should fly over the cabin with a B-16 and nuke the cabin cuz im getting sick of the show. BUT, in the case that one person dies, I charted the aftermath of the death of each person...


*Jennie will cry
*TAAG wont have any money (because Jonas has access to the funds and the idiots dont know the pin number)
*Daniel's gonna mope and groan about having to do everything
*However, Daniel will also get all the fish taco he wants


*Jonas will be a little depressed.
*Sarah will cry; the ho still has some feelings for him
*Bree will start making youtube videos from hell with him,(now that they are there together) and posting them. And I'm going to be the one to start the series!! lol.

*Carl will go back to his hymn of one ways to get better
*Taylor will post a whiny sob video about how she died. *high pitched whiny voice* oh sarah! why did you have to go! Now you're in heaven...with colossus!"

*Dr. Hart will come back mysteriously and say "What did you do to my poor Gina?! Say hello to my little friend, bitch!! (machine gun sound)
*Sarah will be like "oh well, one less mouth to feed..."
*707clique will be like "oh well, one less fish taco to eat"

*Jonas will cry and be depressed. And do the same thing that he did when Bree died
*I'll be depressed. Because I didn't get to see her naked. (watching that American Pie video didn't help. And might I add. Pussy does not feel like warm apple pie)

*Jonas will kill himself. Therefore two die. and that will be an "unexpected plot twist"
*Mainly because Jonas doesn't want to face his parents' wrath.
*Or hell, his own parents will kill him.

*Sarah will cry, hysterically. The TAAG members will post blogs saying "sarahs...been in her room...all day.....sobbing...loudly" (loud sarah bawl) "SARAH SHUT THE HELL UP!!"

SO anyways. Thats all I can think of..But if Daniel is the one who dies. Stay tuned for a new internet series titled "lonelydamned15-Posting from hell"

wooo...I havent been back here in a WHILE!

yea, ive pretty much been eating a lot of fish taco lately. And had to deal with a homeboy getting drunk and shouting insults out the window of his apartment to muthafuckers down at the bar. He was even about to jump out of that window, from 4 stories high!!

But n e ways, imma focus on another topic so I can keep peeps attention going hold up...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Look what Sarah sent me...

Sarah wants her fish taco eaten apparently...so she sent me an email...it said

Hi Sexy X!

When are you going to come give me some naughty naughty pleasure again, hm ;D
Check me out. Im ready:

(and she linked me to this picture):


Yup, it's Sarah all right, and she sure as hell wants her fish taco eaten...badly. Maybe I'll fuck her as well, shit! But not until I slurp all the juice out of her fish taco. ahahhahahahhaa-xwestsidex

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Emma wants her pie eaten...

You see Emma's latest video "Eat pie"?

I'm sure you all know what that means, right?

You see Emma has been all alone in that area for a while. So that pie hasn't been touched in a LONG ASS TIME. So I thought it was about time that Emma got her fish taco eaten. I ate her fish taco in the past, but then she had some traumatic experience with it and I stepped back for a while. Now, that lil nympho was horny as fuck and ready to get off..
I first called up Emma, and asked her where her location was. She told me. SO what I did was arrived at that location (sneaking in through the window of course.) And, well, check this out..

Emma: Hi X!

Xwestsidex: Wassup baby. U ready to do this.

Emma: (smiles bashfully) I dont know, you havent eaten it in a while. Im a little nervous....

Xwestsidex: lemme kiss you a lil bit.

(I kiss her, reach in her sweater and play with her titties a bit. Now she starts breathing harder. I can tell she likes it)

Xwestsidex: Lemme take yo pants off, baby girl

(shes got those lil jammas goin on. So they easy to slip off, thats what I dig about those. Then she had this lil orange thong with an anime character on it. Str8 up diggin it. So I take that off and sniff the panties. Damn she was WET)

Xwestsidex: Spread ur legs baby girl

Emma: heehee...ok

Xwestsidex: (starts licking)

Emma: Hahahhahaha....that tickles!

Xwestsidex: yea? what about when I do this...(swirls tongue around..)

Emma: that feels kinda good...








....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

......uhhhhhh!!uhhhhhh! oh yea!!


(she was shaking,twitching, jerking around, screaming, and even squirting a little bit and everything else.)

Emma: uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......hh.h..h...mmm..m..m...

Xwestsidex: yea u like that huh?!

Emma: mmmhmmmmm!

So there you have it. My description of me eating Emma's fish taco. She needed that! loll. This has been the daily fish taco. Thanks for watching.! lol

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nikki B was groping herself


that's the reason she went in the truck. Because you see I was supposed to show up to eat her fish taco the other day. However, I got into some shit...

My friend was drunk as fuck over some buu shit and so we went to this bar out in the middle of nowhere. After a few fish tacos in the ladies restroom, me and my friend start headin out cuz the bars closing. After that, this drunk old dude needed a ride home, so me and my homey told him to pay us, and he did. But in order to do that I had to go inside his house. I swear that was the trashiest muhfuckin redneck place I've ever seen. Beer cans everywhere, dog shit all over the place, broken shit, and I think a brother and sister were fuckin eachother in the bedroom. Goddamn, they were hella ugly, too. (and drunk. ugghghhghhghhgh!) Shit the woman was uglier than Sarahboo! So im tellin my homey that we gotta get the fuck outta there cuz I got shit to do the next day, cuz im a man, and im busy! But noooooo, he wants to stay there for a while and share stories with the old drunk redneck dude. So after a few hours I take off and leave his ass there. And he got molested by that dude HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA! So then, all that stayin up and drinkin and shit made me oversleep by 5 hours and I never showed up to eat Nikki B's fish taco. Bitch was craving it. I mean look:

That was the face she was making while groping herself. Not only that, she was masturbating on youtube! I think I should fuck her next time. I think I owe it to her, event though I think she's an annoying spaz LOL

Monday, November 12, 2007

Where Jonas and Sarah went...

I think I know where they went.. And no, they didn't get kidnapped. Do you remember that outside that Diner there was a hotel right by that parking lot? Yup. I know what happened.

You see, Daniel was taking a while in there, so Jonas and Sarah decided that they would go rent a room real quick and get busy, probably eat fish taco, probly masturbate on youtube, and fuck and similar shit such as that.

SO Daniel, got out early, and he wondered where Jonas and Sarah went. And they weren't in the car. But they were in the HOTEL!! Now Jonas and Sarah are like "OMG! the car's gone! And Daniels gone too wtf??! Now they think the order took him (and the car) and now they're all on a whole new mission, all because Jonas wanted fish taco.

You see fish taco has become more and more scarce these days due to the rise of feminism, conservativism, republicanism, and fuckin idiotry. We should all start eating fish taco more often, so that people can be at peace with eachother and so shit like this wouldnt happen..