Thursday, June 5, 2008

The 80's prom.

LMAO!! the lonelyfucks are holding their own prom..This wasn't the creators ideas either, it seemed like it was another reason for the people who were too ugly or socially inept to get a date to go to prom to get a "second chance."
Want me to tell you about my prom? I went with one of the head cheerleaders (Ive got a picture to prove it, too. Unfortunately I dont have a scanner, but I'll do my best to get you one at request) And on our way back home there was this car next to our limo, and these two dudes were driving it..and this girl popped out of the backseat and through the sunroof TOPLESS! And me, my homies, and their dates were like "DAAAAAAAAAMMMNNN!!" True story!


Apparently somebody is going to die at this prom. I personally think the order should fly over the cabin with a B-16 and nuke the cabin cuz im getting sick of the show. BUT, in the case that one person dies, I charted the aftermath of the death of each person...


*Jennie will cry
*TAAG wont have any money (because Jonas has access to the funds and the idiots dont know the pin number)
*Daniel's gonna mope and groan about having to do everything
*However, Daniel will also get all the fish taco he wants


*Jonas will be a little depressed.
*Sarah will cry; the ho still has some feelings for him
*Bree will start making youtube videos from hell with him,(now that they are there together) and posting them. And I'm going to be the one to start the series!! lol.

*Carl will go back to his hymn of one ways to get better
*Taylor will post a whiny sob video about how she died. *high pitched whiny voice* oh sarah! why did you have to go! Now you're in heaven...with colossus!"

*Dr. Hart will come back mysteriously and say "What did you do to my poor Gina?! Say hello to my little friend, bitch!! (machine gun sound)
*Sarah will be like "oh well, one less mouth to feed..."
*707clique will be like "oh well, one less fish taco to eat"

*Jonas will cry and be depressed. And do the same thing that he did when Bree died
*I'll be depressed. Because I didn't get to see her naked. (watching that American Pie video didn't help. And might I add. Pussy does not feel like warm apple pie)

*Jonas will kill himself. Therefore two die. and that will be an "unexpected plot twist"
*Mainly because Jonas doesn't want to face his parents' wrath.
*Or hell, his own parents will kill him.

*Sarah will cry, hysterically. The TAAG members will post blogs saying "sarahs...been in her room...all day.....sobbing...loudly" (loud sarah bawl) "SARAH SHUT THE HELL UP!!"

SO anyways. Thats all I can think of..But if Daniel is the one who dies. Stay tuned for a new internet series titled "lonelydamned15-Posting from hell"

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