Thursday, November 22, 2007

Emma wants her pie eaten...

You see Emma's latest video "Eat pie"?

I'm sure you all know what that means, right?

You see Emma has been all alone in that area for a while. So that pie hasn't been touched in a LONG ASS TIME. So I thought it was about time that Emma got her fish taco eaten. I ate her fish taco in the past, but then she had some traumatic experience with it and I stepped back for a while. Now, that lil nympho was horny as fuck and ready to get off..
I first called up Emma, and asked her where her location was. She told me. SO what I did was arrived at that location (sneaking in through the window of course.) And, well, check this out..

Emma: Hi X!

Xwestsidex: Wassup baby. U ready to do this.

Emma: (smiles bashfully) I dont know, you havent eaten it in a while. Im a little nervous....

Xwestsidex: lemme kiss you a lil bit.

(I kiss her, reach in her sweater and play with her titties a bit. Now she starts breathing harder. I can tell she likes it)

Xwestsidex: Lemme take yo pants off, baby girl

(shes got those lil jammas goin on. So they easy to slip off, thats what I dig about those. Then she had this lil orange thong with an anime character on it. Str8 up diggin it. So I take that off and sniff the panties. Damn she was WET)

Xwestsidex: Spread ur legs baby girl

Emma: heehee...ok

Xwestsidex: (starts licking)

Emma: Hahahhahaha....that tickles!

Xwestsidex: yea? what about when I do this...(swirls tongue around..)

Emma: that feels kinda good...








....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

......uhhhhhh!!uhhhhhh! oh yea!!


(she was shaking,twitching, jerking around, screaming, and even squirting a little bit and everything else.)

Emma: uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......hh.h..h...mmm..m..m...

Xwestsidex: yea u like that huh?!

Emma: mmmhmmmmm!

So there you have it. My description of me eating Emma's fish taco. She needed that! loll. This has been the daily fish taco. Thanks for watching.! lol

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nikki B was groping herself


that's the reason she went in the truck. Because you see I was supposed to show up to eat her fish taco the other day. However, I got into some shit...

My friend was drunk as fuck over some buu shit and so we went to this bar out in the middle of nowhere. After a few fish tacos in the ladies restroom, me and my friend start headin out cuz the bars closing. After that, this drunk old dude needed a ride home, so me and my homey told him to pay us, and he did. But in order to do that I had to go inside his house. I swear that was the trashiest muhfuckin redneck place I've ever seen. Beer cans everywhere, dog shit all over the place, broken shit, and I think a brother and sister were fuckin eachother in the bedroom. Goddamn, they were hella ugly, too. (and drunk. ugghghhghhghhgh!) Shit the woman was uglier than Sarahboo! So im tellin my homey that we gotta get the fuck outta there cuz I got shit to do the next day, cuz im a man, and im busy! But noooooo, he wants to stay there for a while and share stories with the old drunk redneck dude. So after a few hours I take off and leave his ass there. And he got molested by that dude HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA! So then, all that stayin up and drinkin and shit made me oversleep by 5 hours and I never showed up to eat Nikki B's fish taco. Bitch was craving it. I mean look:

That was the face she was making while groping herself. Not only that, she was masturbating on youtube! I think I should fuck her next time. I think I owe it to her, event though I think she's an annoying spaz LOL

Monday, November 12, 2007

Where Jonas and Sarah went...

I think I know where they went.. And no, they didn't get kidnapped. Do you remember that outside that Diner there was a hotel right by that parking lot? Yup. I know what happened.

You see, Daniel was taking a while in there, so Jonas and Sarah decided that they would go rent a room real quick and get busy, probably eat fish taco, probly masturbate on youtube, and fuck and similar shit such as that.

SO Daniel, got out early, and he wondered where Jonas and Sarah went. And they weren't in the car. But they were in the HOTEL!! Now Jonas and Sarah are like "OMG! the car's gone! And Daniels gone too wtf??! Now they think the order took him (and the car) and now they're all on a whole new mission, all because Jonas wanted fish taco.

You see fish taco has become more and more scarce these days due to the rise of feminism, conservativism, republicanism, and fuckin idiotry. We should all start eating fish taco more often, so that people can be at peace with eachother and so shit like this wouldnt happen..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Compare and Contrast..Sarah and S.A.R.A.H.

I noticed that there are two Sarahs on the forum. They think that the only difference between their names are the periods. And im not just talking about dots, im talking about the nasty shit that squirts out when I try to eat their fish tacos. Anyways...

SO we will call them...

Sarah #1

and Sarah #2

Sarah #1 is hot as all hell
Sarah #2 is hideously uglay! ahhahahahahahahhahahaa!

Sarah #1 will flirt to get some
Sarah #2 will be a stupid feminazi and say that guys are jerks because she cant get any.

Sarah #1 has a cute lil glow to her
Sarah #2 is so white that crackheads come up and try to smoke her.

Sarah #1 has a nice body
Sarah #2 is a toothpick

Sarah #1 looks like Marilyn Monroe
Sarah #2 looks like Marilyn Manson hahahahhahahahaha I need a...personal...JEESUS!!! da dun dun da dah duh dunn dunn!!

Sarah #1 has a sense of humor
Sarah #2 gets pissed off easily

Sarah #1 has a living sister
Sarah #2's sister died when her mom ODed on crack cocaine

Both Sarahs have periods (except one PMS's throughout the whole month. Thats why there's a period after every letter)

Both Sarahs wear black (except one decided to take action with her life instead of mope around about it on the forums..stupid bitch lol)

Both Sarahs are clowns. (One plays, one just wears the makeup ahahahhahaahahah!)

Both Sarahs like Danielbeast (except one can get him, one he wont even consider messing around with)

Both Sarahs got their fish taco eaten by Xwestsidex (except he's not eating one of theirs again)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I ate a fish taco last night

Yup. and it tasted like soda pop.

Ive noticed that fish tacos dont always taste like fish. They have various tastes.

So ladies, what does YOUR fish taco taste like?

Post a comment telling me, and I will choose the best one. And they will have their fish taco eaten by me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

English people are stupid

"Why can't the English?!"
-(My fair lady)

and it's true. Is it THAT HARD to pronounce an "R" where an R is due?

One time in college I was in the dorms. And I was listening to this australian chick talking to someone. And she was saying "and its a lut hahdah to do that wuey!" and I said "Krystle, its not "hahdah" its "haRdeR" and she said "um, we're going to bed now, Goodnight!" and slammed the door in my face.

English people also exhibit the following behaviors:

*they like piss porn (and will piss on anything)
*guys dress like fags
*the girls' fish tacos smell bad
*they like techno music and do acid, cocaine, and anything they can find in the medicine cabinet.

This is why they're so fucked up and stupid. (or how they say "steeupid" LOL)

There should seriously be an English Genocide, started by me. Me and a bunch of homeys should go up there, put all the British people into concentration camps, and then set the following rules...

1. Whoever thinks "frog" rhymes with "plug" will be executed.

2. Whoever thinks "barn" rhymes with "fawn" will be executed.

3. Whoever says that a sheep says "bah" instead of "baa" will be executed.

4. Whoever calls a house or apt. a "flat" will be executed

5. Whoever refers to me, or an XX man as "mate" will be executed.

6. Rules are subject to change...with many more additions if I can think of them.

Ways of executing should include...what the English people call.

*"Gas chaymbah"

*"trae shreddah"


*"luines you up with a shutgun buy a ditch and kills you"

*the dugs buite you

Wow..looks like London is gonna be through after I go over there. ahahhahahahahahhahahahahah-xwestsidex

Note: the above post is a funny joke. If you find it offensive, you should go fuck yourself and get pissed on. LOL

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bree's fish taco EXPOSED!

seriously the creators, wanna keep shit "PG-13" and shit like that...well Creators...

how come nobody found that but me??! I think its around 0:33 in the "Swimming" video, and you can check every frame of that video, cuz I SWEAR I didn't edit it in! (Well, ill admit. The only thing I placed in that picture was the red circle but that was for point of focus only) Focus... LOL!!!

There's this joke that my grandpa told me:

Two british girls walk into a photography studio to get naked pictures taken of them. The photographer, gets aroused and starts fondling them and shit. All of a sudden, they run out of the photo studio screaming "He's gonna focus! He's gonna focus!"

But neways... damn, what 100000 nerds were originally looking for, 1 pimp found!

LOL!! Damn! I would LOVE to eat that fish taco! (wait a minute. I already did a long time ago!..twice!) ahahahhahaahhahahha!-xwestsidex

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nancypants' pants need a waist size upgrade


This girl:

Her name is "Nancypants"

she said "wow that westside guy needs a life."

Well, Nancy, you need a life, too lol...a healthier one!

I know you must be CRAVING that carton of ice cream in the refrigerator.

But I'll give you some advice right now, mkay? Ice cream isn't all that good for ya. And from the looks of it you don't seem to be in very good health. I'd eat your fish taco, but I kinda doubt the bed could support that WEIGHT! (and it must smell really bad, too) but Damn! That tummy is HUGE!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the laugh heard 'round the world

Might I just say this now....


yup, thats what I used to say everytime I vandalized on LGpedia under a random IP.

By the way, my name is XwestsideX.

I have a real name, but its none of your damn business what it is.

two X's because I come from the west side of the United States. Its what I rep. Yay area biotch!!

My Vandalism regime:

My homey 707clique and I were watching LG15 videos one day, when we came upon a video titled "Lying bastards".. The specific scripts went something like this....

Jonas: mothers, lock up your daughters, because Danielbeast is in town. he's about to put the ho in mexico!

Bree: There's no ho in mexico?

(they look at her funny)

Daniel: wow, big surprise, after talking all that trash, Jonas decides to take Bree into town. Why? He thinks she should try a fish taco.

Meaning: Jonas already had the "ho in mexico" joke in mind, when bree didn't get it.

The creators were trying to subcommunicate on deep levels that Bree was unaware of the prostitution problems that went on near the mexican border. Over there, their strip clubs are cheap. 20 bucks will even get you LAID. Now when Jonas said she should try a "fish taco" , he was implying that Bree should have her first lesbian experience. A "fish taco" is defined as "a very smelly pussy" or it can be any pussy at all in my definition. Three subtle jokes in a row like that: Definitely created by the creators. But noooooooo we couldnt mention that in the caption. LGpedia is very conservative, bossy, and thinks they're all that and are unstoppable. Their admins ban people, and they think that those people will never come back. But they're wrong. And I was out to show them that you don't EVER fuck with xwestsidex. ESPECIALLY you never use sarcasm. Such as "congratulations! have a fun week off!"

Since then, I've vandalized that shit wherever I could. they kept banning and banning and they still couldnt keep me from coming in. Ive probably been banned over 50 times. And I was known as the most notorious vandal on LGpedia. Ive told them that if they admit that im better than them, and they apologize for hating, then I would quit vandalizing. They never did.

My vandalism never consisted of credit card offers, or dick enlargement shit, or dating websites. Nor did I blank pages. My remarks were FUNNY. And they offended many people. And it kept me entertained when I was bored with nothing to do.

Jonpro and Zoey made one last attempt to get rid of me, and I told them the reasons why I was an LGPedia vandal. Some they agreed on, some they disagreed, some they hated on. But then a dude named QtheC offered a solution. To have a spot where I can vandalize all I want. Hell, every time I would vandalize, my shit would get erased. So why not have it in a place where it WONT be erased.

So have fun here. I will post comical shit very soon. Including my opinions on what LGPedia should be like.