Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bree's fish taco EXPOSED!

seriously the creators, wanna keep shit "PG-13" and shit like that...well Creators...

how come nobody found that but me??! I think its around 0:33 in the "Swimming" video, and you can check every frame of that video, cuz I SWEAR I didn't edit it in! (Well, ill admit. The only thing I placed in that picture was the red circle but that was for point of focus only) Focus... LOL!!!

There's this joke that my grandpa told me:

Two british girls walk into a photography studio to get naked pictures taken of them. The photographer, gets aroused and starts fondling them and shit. All of a sudden, they run out of the photo studio screaming "He's gonna focus! He's gonna focus!"

But neways... damn, what 100000 nerds were originally looking for, 1 pimp found!

LOL!! Damn! I would LOVE to eat that fish taco! (wait a minute. I already did a long time ago!..twice!) ahahahhahaahhahahha!-xwestsidex

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Anonymous said...

this one is funny!