Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nikki B was groping herself


that's the reason she went in the truck. Because you see I was supposed to show up to eat her fish taco the other day. However, I got into some shit...

My friend was drunk as fuck over some buu shit and so we went to this bar out in the middle of nowhere. After a few fish tacos in the ladies restroom, me and my friend start headin out cuz the bars closing. After that, this drunk old dude needed a ride home, so me and my homey told him to pay us, and he did. But in order to do that I had to go inside his house. I swear that was the trashiest muhfuckin redneck place I've ever seen. Beer cans everywhere, dog shit all over the place, broken shit, and I think a brother and sister were fuckin eachother in the bedroom. Goddamn, they were hella ugly, too. (and drunk. ugghghhghhghhgh!) Shit the woman was uglier than Sarahboo! So im tellin my homey that we gotta get the fuck outta there cuz I got shit to do the next day, cuz im a man, and im busy! But noooooo, he wants to stay there for a while and share stories with the old drunk redneck dude. So after a few hours I take off and leave his ass there. And he got molested by that dude HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA! So then, all that stayin up and drinkin and shit made me oversleep by 5 hours and I never showed up to eat Nikki B's fish taco. Bitch was craving it. I mean look:

That was the face she was making while groping herself. Not only that, she was masturbating on youtube! I think I should fuck her next time. I think I owe it to her, event though I think she's an annoying spaz LOL

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