Sunday, November 11, 2007

Compare and Contrast..Sarah and S.A.R.A.H.

I noticed that there are two Sarahs on the forum. They think that the only difference between their names are the periods. And im not just talking about dots, im talking about the nasty shit that squirts out when I try to eat their fish tacos. Anyways...

SO we will call them...

Sarah #1

and Sarah #2

Sarah #1 is hot as all hell
Sarah #2 is hideously uglay! ahhahahahahahahhahahaa!

Sarah #1 will flirt to get some
Sarah #2 will be a stupid feminazi and say that guys are jerks because she cant get any.

Sarah #1 has a cute lil glow to her
Sarah #2 is so white that crackheads come up and try to smoke her.

Sarah #1 has a nice body
Sarah #2 is a toothpick

Sarah #1 looks like Marilyn Monroe
Sarah #2 looks like Marilyn Manson hahahahhahahahaha I need a...personal...JEESUS!!! da dun dun da dah duh dunn dunn!!

Sarah #1 has a sense of humor
Sarah #2 gets pissed off easily

Sarah #1 has a living sister
Sarah #2's sister died when her mom ODed on crack cocaine

Both Sarahs have periods (except one PMS's throughout the whole month. Thats why there's a period after every letter)

Both Sarahs wear black (except one decided to take action with her life instead of mope around about it on the forums..stupid bitch lol)

Both Sarahs are clowns. (One plays, one just wears the makeup ahahahhahaahahah!)

Both Sarahs like Danielbeast (except one can get him, one he wont even consider messing around with)

Both Sarahs got their fish taco eaten by Xwestsidex (except he's not eating one of theirs again)

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