Monday, November 12, 2007

Where Jonas and Sarah went...

I think I know where they went.. And no, they didn't get kidnapped. Do you remember that outside that Diner there was a hotel right by that parking lot? Yup. I know what happened.

You see, Daniel was taking a while in there, so Jonas and Sarah decided that they would go rent a room real quick and get busy, probably eat fish taco, probly masturbate on youtube, and fuck and similar shit such as that.

SO Daniel, got out early, and he wondered where Jonas and Sarah went. And they weren't in the car. But they were in the HOTEL!! Now Jonas and Sarah are like "OMG! the car's gone! And Daniels gone too wtf??! Now they think the order took him (and the car) and now they're all on a whole new mission, all because Jonas wanted fish taco.

You see fish taco has become more and more scarce these days due to the rise of feminism, conservativism, republicanism, and fuckin idiotry. We should all start eating fish taco more often, so that people can be at peace with eachother and so shit like this wouldnt happen..

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