Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nancypants' pants need a waist size upgrade


This girl:

Her name is "Nancypants"

she said "wow that westside guy needs a life."

Well, Nancy, you need a life, too lol...a healthier one!

I know you must be CRAVING that carton of ice cream in the refrigerator.

But I'll give you some advice right now, mkay? Ice cream isn't all that good for ya. And from the looks of it you don't seem to be in very good health. I'd eat your fish taco, but I kinda doubt the bed could support that WEIGHT! (and it must smell really bad, too) but Damn! That tummy is HUGE!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok, you can't actually SEE my tummy in this pic, so that insult makes no sense. I guess that was a nice shot, and hey, you got my attention enough to post a comment, delete it and then post a better one, so mission accomplished, I guess. I expected better from you somehow, I'm disappointed in you, my friend. You always entertained me on the lgpedia, and had I thought my comment would bother you to the point of posting a picture and then make believing I look fat in it, I would have never bothered, although this has made the time pass.

thatoneguybeforetheother said...

Um, whatever dude that girl is smokin hot.

xwestsidex said...

Ur right Nancy. I can't SEE your tummy in this pic. Perhaps I should clarify. The rule of proportion states. Wide shoulders+DD tits+ round face & puffy cheeks+ big fuckin arms= fat tummy.

Thats how I got to the answer that you were fat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, she's hot!