Friday, November 9, 2007

English people are stupid

"Why can't the English?!"
-(My fair lady)

and it's true. Is it THAT HARD to pronounce an "R" where an R is due?

One time in college I was in the dorms. And I was listening to this australian chick talking to someone. And she was saying "and its a lut hahdah to do that wuey!" and I said "Krystle, its not "hahdah" its "haRdeR" and she said "um, we're going to bed now, Goodnight!" and slammed the door in my face.

English people also exhibit the following behaviors:

*they like piss porn (and will piss on anything)
*guys dress like fags
*the girls' fish tacos smell bad
*they like techno music and do acid, cocaine, and anything they can find in the medicine cabinet.

This is why they're so fucked up and stupid. (or how they say "steeupid" LOL)

There should seriously be an English Genocide, started by me. Me and a bunch of homeys should go up there, put all the British people into concentration camps, and then set the following rules...

1. Whoever thinks "frog" rhymes with "plug" will be executed.

2. Whoever thinks "barn" rhymes with "fawn" will be executed.

3. Whoever says that a sheep says "bah" instead of "baa" will be executed.

4. Whoever calls a house or apt. a "flat" will be executed

5. Whoever refers to me, or an XX man as "mate" will be executed.

6. Rules are subject to change...with many more additions if I can think of them.

Ways of executing should include...what the English people call.

*"Gas chaymbah"

*"trae shreddah"


*"luines you up with a shutgun buy a ditch and kills you"

*the dugs buite you

Wow..looks like London is gonna be through after I go over there. ahahhahahahahahhahahahahah-xwestsidex

Note: the above post is a funny joke. If you find it offensive, you should go fuck yourself and get pissed on. LOL

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