Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the laugh heard 'round the world

Might I just say this now....


yup, thats what I used to say everytime I vandalized on LGpedia under a random IP.

By the way, my name is XwestsideX.

I have a real name, but its none of your damn business what it is.

two X's because I come from the west side of the United States. Its what I rep. Yay area biotch!!

My Vandalism regime:

My homey 707clique and I were watching LG15 videos one day, when we came upon a video titled "Lying bastards".. The specific scripts went something like this....

Jonas: mothers, lock up your daughters, because Danielbeast is in town. he's about to put the ho in mexico!

Bree: There's no ho in mexico?

(they look at her funny)

Daniel: wow, big surprise, after talking all that trash, Jonas decides to take Bree into town. Why? He thinks she should try a fish taco.

Meaning: Jonas already had the "ho in mexico" joke in mind, when bree didn't get it.

The creators were trying to subcommunicate on deep levels that Bree was unaware of the prostitution problems that went on near the mexican border. Over there, their strip clubs are cheap. 20 bucks will even get you LAID. Now when Jonas said she should try a "fish taco" , he was implying that Bree should have her first lesbian experience. A "fish taco" is defined as "a very smelly pussy" or it can be any pussy at all in my definition. Three subtle jokes in a row like that: Definitely created by the creators. But noooooooo we couldnt mention that in the caption. LGpedia is very conservative, bossy, and thinks they're all that and are unstoppable. Their admins ban people, and they think that those people will never come back. But they're wrong. And I was out to show them that you don't EVER fuck with xwestsidex. ESPECIALLY you never use sarcasm. Such as "congratulations! have a fun week off!"

Since then, I've vandalized that shit wherever I could. they kept banning and banning and they still couldnt keep me from coming in. Ive probably been banned over 50 times. And I was known as the most notorious vandal on LGpedia. Ive told them that if they admit that im better than them, and they apologize for hating, then I would quit vandalizing. They never did.

My vandalism never consisted of credit card offers, or dick enlargement shit, or dating websites. Nor did I blank pages. My remarks were FUNNY. And they offended many people. And it kept me entertained when I was bored with nothing to do.

Jonpro and Zoey made one last attempt to get rid of me, and I told them the reasons why I was an LGPedia vandal. Some they agreed on, some they disagreed, some they hated on. But then a dude named QtheC offered a solution. To have a spot where I can vandalize all I want. Hell, every time I would vandalize, my shit would get erased. So why not have it in a place where it WONT be erased.

So have fun here. I will post comical shit very soon. Including my opinions on what LGPedia should be like.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy!

xwestsidex said...

my name isn't Andy you fuckin dingleberry!