Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kate Modern-isms.

Wassup Y'all. Ey I've noticed there are some words in the Kate Modern series that don't appear in the LG15 series...many people have wondered the definitions of what exactly these words mean. Lemme explain em to ya....

*Chah-lee: Dark Australian girl with tasty fish taco

*Stave: Big wussy man who likes cults

*So-fay: Blonde English girl with smelly fish taco

*Kate muddun: A show based in a fantasy world about people hunting down and killing English people.

*Trait pusitive: a trait in girls that makes their fish tacos taste like Kentucky Fried Chicken. mmmmm-MMM!!

*bah-stud: Somebody that English people don't like.

*wankah- Jonpro

*suft waaa- Shit that you can download off the internet to let you get more porn.

The o-dah: People who kill English people that can't speak the language correctly.

wutcha: bald headed muthafuckers that look for English people who can't speak the language correctly. And they spy on them, as well.

lay: a fag who cross dresses, flails around, and takes it up the ass from Renegade.

pah tay: A gathering where English people get drunk off their ass. the girls give it up to xwestsidex, and the guys open their ass cheeks on this occasion hoping that one day one of them will get poked and prodded by Xwestsidex, but every time they think that it has finally happened, it turns out it was just Jeffery Marsh trying to get some.

oo heh! uu heh! Booooleehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!: The sound an English girl makes after she has drank too much.

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